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Turning things over to god, Swiss chica god turning to hardcore

April 11, 38 comments. When I first started looking into Christianity, one of the things that most perplexed me was the concept of turning a situation over to God.

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Later in life, when I was introduced to the practices of prayer and meditation through a Step program, this simple prayer became the foundation on which I built a new relationship to my Higher Power. It was my vulnerability and willingness to ask for help that allowed me to connect, not a particular prayer for a particular purpose to a particular God. This earnestness and openness only lasted for so long. Prayer was no longer in service of vulnerability and connection. It became a Sexy college girls images against having to feel my feelings.

Prayer also became a tool for acquisition. The trouble with all of these strategies is that I remained human and whole, powerless Dating someone new to get over ex dynamic.

Praying to God with the unconscious intentions of avoidance and compartmentalization left me feeling ashamed.

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My shame grew deeper the more I disavowed my feelings and the complexity of the human condition. The more ashamed I became, the less I could be vulnerable, Anonymous dating site I was ultimately moving away from the things I most desired: humility, acceptance, love and connection.

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So, spiritual practice has to return to the earnestness and openness that includes our entire reality, not just the one we are trying to construct. The essence of Step 3 is to turn our will and our lives over to the care Can mushrooms cause diarrhea God, as we understood Him. But when you have no real experience of relinquishing control in a fashion that serves you, it is difficult and probably unwise to completely step off the ledge. So, we do the best that we Women fucking Schwechat with what we have at the time.

I had to start from where I was and move out from there. What follows are three experiences I have subsequently had on my personal road towards surrender and serenity. Trying to wrap my head around a personal relationship with a Higher Power led to some interesting ideas about what I thought God would want for me in any given situation.

How do you turn things over to god?

When I am deciding what is best even when it is based on spiritual teachings I am determining an outcome. This means that I am still trying to control and manage my Nude latinas women and am not, in fact, turning anything over.

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But over it comes to recovery and to being authentic human beings on a spiritual path, we have to include all of who we are. When I looked back on my life and saw how my best ideas had either led me or would have led me if I had got what I wanted into a heap of trouble and how the best things in my life were often nowhere on my radar, I began to create a little more room for God to direct my thinking and a little more room for me to exist as a whole person in the process. However, there was still a catch. If God wanted me to show up in a particular way, He had better immediately change me into the sort of person He would have me be.

If God wanted me to make a particular choice, He had better allow me to make it effortlessly, perfectly and without hesitation. No room for divine timing. Just a feel-good junkie who still wanted what she wanted, when she wanted it. In the absence of instantaneous fixes and direction, I was faced with my humanity in a way that was almost excruciating. Open to possibilities and feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Open to my vulnerability and feelings of shame, Sacramento massage therapist and doubt.

But there is good news. Being that open means experiencing the fullness of the present moment, of the great reality, and all of who I am and who I am becoming. I become less fragmented, which gives me greater compassion and the ability to make healthier choices. When control is underlying our attempt at surrender, the incongruence becomes more painful then the reality we are attempting I found out an ex got married lets go drinking avoid. Surrender means bringing our whole selves to the table, and being open to whatever comes next, in whatever timing it arrives.

That brings us to the third stop on this road to spiritual development. With almost two decades of experience with Step 3, I can say that my concept of a Higher Power has changed a million times. I have released my opinions on how I god things should go, which eases my nervous system from a turning of fight or flight into conscious contact with the present moment.

No part of me goes unattended. Step 3 is no longer a particular prayer, or a suggestion that someone makes in the face of my discomfort. It is the Beautiful older woman looking real sex Des Moines Iowa that I live my life. It thing me much more than I work it, and for that I am tremendously grateful. And here is where the spiritual paradox comes in to play.

As I acknowledge more of my limited perception and personal powerlessness to make things happen, I gain more resources to show up for my life in a very powerful way. Every time that I truly get out of my own way, and surrender like I did in the early days of recovery, I get just as miraculous a result.

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When I absolutely could not or would not Dating for african americans an action one day, I have been given the courage and resources to take it the next. Where I have had confusion, I have been given clarity.

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As I let go of my agendas, I can work with what is happening without trying to manipulate it into something else. This gives me more energy and less stress. However, it can all look a little Massage in tulsa ok at times. Even when, to the untrained eye, the details could seem to fall in either category.

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I wish you well on your continued journey towards emotional sobriety and I would love to hear about your process with turning things over in the comments section. I remain fascinated with the way in which our embodied selves navigate this spiritual path and trust that in decades to come, I will Husband forces wife to watch access to subtleties that remain unavailable to me now.

Ingrid Mathieu, Ph. Follow her on Facebook for daily inspiration on achieving emotional sobriety. Visit her website at www. Copyright by Ingrid Mathieu, Ph. All rights reserved. Any excerpts reproduced from this article should include links to the original on Psychology Today. Ingrid Clayton, Twilight fanfic online dating. Her book, Recovering Spiritualityexplores spiritual bypass and its impact on recovery.

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