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Name: Tabina
Age: 33
Nationality: Nigerian
My sexual preference: Gentleman
Eye tone: I’ve got bright hazel green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Figure type: I'm plump
I like to drink: Champagne
Other hobbies: In my spare time I love collecting

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Now rappers in the business talk shit behind my back Just because their shit ain't sellin and hoe call it wack But black I go to clubs, I get the utmost respect Them jealous muthafuckas know I clock crazy checks Sayin I wouldn't sell if I didn't cuss But while they fuss, I'm goin, gone, they goin dust Barely standin the light of the lime Life's a bitch with some pussy-ass rhymes But they always on my dick when they see me I think beneath that point, they wanna be me I don't break my neck to be in other niggas' videos Standin around Jewish singles for dating hoes But them other niggas gotta do it for pub' Because nobody recognize them in the club And when they see me they wanna azz it, so people'll stare Quit swinging on my dick hairs And as soon as I leave, the muthafuckas start yappin Run they mouth like a bitch, better than they do rappin And I Spanking adult men need a crew Because a crew can't do shit that a real nigga can't do So to all y'all niggas that's down with a crew How does it feel ot be two?

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Original Mais. Kissin another nigga's ass so you can slick a autograph And move people out his path And that's the reason I'ma diss you Stuff your mouth with tissue And kiss my black ass. Cifra Club Craigslist brownwood tx.

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