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Reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of New York, The Jersey Shore, and The Hills feature real-life mean girls in action Effects of the drug molly publicly humiliating and spreading nasty rumors about each other, pitting friend against friend, excluding or rejecting former friends, and even engaging in physical aggression.

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Think of the movies Heathers, Sixteen Candlesand Mean Girlsall of which feature the demise of the queen bee and the triumph of the downtrodden. Ah, how sweet revenge can be….

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It is not uncommon for mean girl behavior to be motivated by jealousy or attention from the opposite sex. Victims who are more attractive are perceived as a threat.

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Victims who are less attractive are seen as an easy target. Narcissists may seem confident on the surface, but they tend to have deeper insecurities.

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This disconnect is reflected in research showing that narcissists tend to report high explicit self-esteem but exhibit low implicit self-esteem. For this reason, anti-bullying experts like Rosalind Wiseman believe it is important to work directly with the queen bees as well as their victims, although the former tend to be more resistant to intervention.

Meanness is often a mask for insecurity

School culture itself is not always conducive to cooperation and inclusivity. Many schools divide students into different trajectories early on based on apparent ability, and the common curve-based grading system can further fuel competition.

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Research by Dr. Gary Namie, a psychologist and co-founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute, a Washington state-based nonprofit, suggests that certain work environments are similarly meanness-breeding: Meanness can become a survival tactic, especially for women in male-dominated arenas. Girls have a powerful psychological need to belong and be accepted by social groups, especially at that vulnerable age when our moral capacities and self-confidence Shemales in oklahoma city less well-developed.

But exclusion is also common among adults.

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A new study suggests that when faced with the threat of exclusion by two other women, women are more likely than men to respond by forming an alliance and excluding one of the other women. But as we know all too well, both genders are guilty of forming exclusive us vs.

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From this perspective, Thai girls in england school meanness is just a smaller-scale version of a larger human problem. The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author alone and do not represent GLI. GLI is a c 3 organization.

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There are definitely types of people who engaged in this behavior and still do so as adults. There is also a type that would never… We are definitely not all insecure mean girls. Our culture is fascinated with the image of the mean girl.

Here are some research-based principles to consider: Meanness is often a mask for insecurity Dating website hang out is not uncommon for mean girl behavior to be motivated by jealousy or attention from the opposite sex. The school environment can breed meanness or at least do little to prevent it.

Popularity does not necessarily lead to meanness

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